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" Grammy Award Winning Reggae Singer-songwriter. "

The Rise of Yami Bolo

International star Yami Bolo has been recording and performing "Jah-centered" cultural reggae since the 1980s. Bolo believes that he has been divinely called to make himself and his entourage revolutionary soldiers of the Almighty on a mission to spread their message of love, peace and hope to the entire world with their performances and recordings. He is particularly interested in uplifting the youth songs that warn against violence such as "Gun War." Born Rolando McLean, Yami Bolo's earliest musical influence was church music; he began performing at age 11. He got his big chance when he hooked up with Sugar Minott and his Youth Promotion organization. Minott was impressed by Bolo's sincerity and eventually allowed him to record special promotions for traveling DJs — none of the many tracks he recorded with Minott were ever released. While associated with Minott, the adolescent Bolo would spend much time hanging out at Jamaican studio listening to roots beats and learning about recording. Later, Bolo performed with Stur-Mas and Third World. As an independent artist, Bolo signed with Techniques in the mid-'80s and released three singles. He then went on to cut one LP with Junior Delgado and another with Augustus Pablo before recording the solo CD He Who Feels it Knows It for Heartbeat in 1989. In the early '90s, he was signed with Taxi Records and also to Paisley Park Records as a songwriter. Throughout the duration of the nineties Bolo recorded for the RAS and VP labels, as well as issuing 1991's He Who Knows It Feels It and 1992's Up Life Street on Heartbeat.

Yami Bolo, called "the freshest Roots and Culture artiste springing out of the pack in Jamaica today "has torn up crowds as far away as Canada, Japan, Europe and the United States and is not stopping. Yami Bolo's magical voice speaks directly to the heart, his singing style has been passionately compared to "a cry out in the wilderness" inspiring strength, joy and hope. Born Rolando Ephraim McLean on October 1, 1970, raised in Kingston 13, Bolo became exposed to music at an early age through the church, which his grandmother always insisted that he attend. His early attraction to music was further encouraged by his grand mother's gift of an accordion and a trombone.

Yami Bolo's first professional training in the music industry occurred while he was a member of Sugar Minott's Youth Promotion Crew of the 1980's, which was instrumental in the careers of such great singers as Garnett Silk and Tenor Saw, among others. Yami Bolo's first major stage show was at the St. Andrew Technical High School, where at the tender age of 13, he performed his emotional hit single "When A Man's in Love" still a favorite in the dance clubs today, and from which KRS-1 sampled his hit "Take It Easy." Since that time, Bolo's musical career has led him on a series of regal adventures. He has worked with top producers including Augustus Pablo, Coxson Dodd, Lee Perry, Winston Riley, Clive Hunt, Sly and Robbie, among others.

In 1987, at the age of 17, he was invited on tour with Augustus Pablo's prestigious Rockers crew and in 1994 created an indelible impression on the Japan Splash tour leading to a unique collaboration between established Japanese superstar, Kazafumi Miyazawa (Miya). The "Miya-Yami Project" garnered the "Best Music Video '94" title in Japan making Bolo the proud recipient of Sony's Silver Grand Prix Award and their album "Love Is Dangerous" became one of the best selling reggae albums in Japan with sales topping in excess of 500,000 copies. The single "Brothers Unite" was voted Best Reggae Single 1994. Bolo remains true to the spirit of reggae when, in speaking of his work, he states "the singer is but the instrument. It's the Almighty at work." Yami Bolo's commitment to conscious lyrics is evident throughout his music, he is determined to spread the love and happiness of his spiritual strength through exploring his multiple roles as singer, songwriter and musician. This is exemplified on Yami Bolo's over nineteen albums. Yami Bolo recently appeared in the movie "Life and Debt" and his single "Worldwide Corruption" is featured on the soundtrack released by Tuff Gong/Universal. Yami BoloYami Bolo's talent has been long recognized by fellow artists, recent collaborations with Ghetto Youths Damian and Stephen Marley include the No 1 Jamaica-hit single "Still Searchin;" "She Needs My Love;" and "Stand A Chance" for the Motown-released Grammy Award-winning "Halfway Tree" album.

Collaborations with Capelton "Put Down the Weapons"; Jack Radics "The Puppet Master"; Josey Wales and Charlie Chaplin "Do Good" exemplify Bolo's militant commitment to the youths whose "coming of age" under current economic and social conditions require the love of their fellowman and a redefined reverence for the highest moral standards, have lead to popular radio hits in Jamaica. "Freedom" co-written by Yami Bolo and Snow was produced by Dave Kelly for Atlantic Records. A collaboration with Wyclef Jean “The Eulogy” and vocals for “Three Nights In Rio” Mad Lion on Yami Bolo's original "Take It Easy" will soon be released. Yami also produced the Firewalker rhythm track on Kymani Marley's Grammy-nominated album "Many More Roads." "Jah Made Them All," "Jah Jah Give Me True Love" and "Be Still Babylon" are anthems which embody Bolo's love for the Creator and his devotion to Jah Rastafari. Bolo's adaptation of Madonna's "La Isle Bonita" transformed the song to subtly celebrate Jamaica's own beauty and romantic vision, another favorite of Jamaica's radio waves. Yami Bolo has written three soundtrack songs for CTW's Sesame Street and Cartoon Network's "Big Bag." he also wrote an perform on the sound track for film (Our Song).


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Music: Yam Bolo - Love Keeping Us Together Single

Single avalable for sale on: iTunes &  Amazon. Love Keeping Us Together

Three decades after he first hit the dancehall scene at age 13 with his breakthrough track “When A Man’s in Love,” ( as featured on our recent Double Barrel mixtape and sampled on Mad Lion’s classic “Take it Easy” ) Yami Bolo is back with a brand-new single.

Yami is one of a handful of Jamaican artists, along with Dennis Brown, Freddie McGregor and Beenie Man, to successfully make the transition from kiddie act to a respected adult artist. But while he’s had a long and fruitful career, it has been a while since we’ve heard any new music from the now NY-based singer. A collaboration with French producer N Jaga, “Love Keeping Us Together” is an affirming message of positivity meant to counteract the dark moments that have enveloped the world since 9/11, delivered in Bolo’s rich, smoky tenor. Set in the same Downtown NYC streets devastated by those terrorist attacks 14 years ago, the video for “Love Keeping Us Together” draws several parallel stories together to send one overall message of love. Watch the video below, and catch Yami Bolo live August 9th at the next edition of LargeUp’s #MontaukSessions.

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Music: Yami Bolo by William Baafi

  International Reggae star Yami Bolo has been recording Reggae Tracks since the 1980’s. During the period of the 1990’s, Yami Bolo has found the mission of Rastafari and developed the objective to speaketh the Words of Jah Rastafari. Performing and voicing Rasta music is not an easy feat. As Yami Bolo has harnessed his talent, his music has entered the realm of Classic Rasta Reggae. As time has progressed, Bolo has voiced on topics such as ending the civil conflicts in Africa, preventing chaos and genocide, and most importantly spreading Jah Rastafari Makonnen’s message of justice, love and harmony. He has a large following of listeners in Asia and Europe, and in the past 10 years has gathered a following in Africa, particularly Ghana.

  According to Yami Bolo, the laws of the universe, the United Nations and the globe are such that human beings of all races, multicultural divisions, ethnic groups, and diverse religions shall be treated equally amongst another and by nations. The message of humanity is in the justice of equality. At the stage of Earth’s history, when this is possible - then all nations shall see the justice of Jah Rastafari, Ethiopia Earth’s rightful ruler. According to Yami Bolo, the law of the universe, the United Nations and the globe are that all races, multicultural divisions, ethnic groups, and diverse religions shall be treated equally amongst another and by nations. The message of humanity is in the justice of equality. At the stage of Earth’s history, when this is possible - then all nations shall see the justice of Jah Rastafari, Ethiopia Earth’s rightful ruler. 

Music: Yami Bolo - ReverbNation Biography


  Coming across an unremarkable Yami Bolo record is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Only in his late 20s and already a veteran, Bolo has remained a fresh, relevant voice singing out for the oppressed with a constant flow of crisp ideas and concepts that have yet to fall out of favor with reggae fans around the world. The debt off his output is staggering. His colossal energy and passion have helped secure his name as a permanent fixture at the top of playlists and critics choice list. The first significant cultural artist to emerge during reggae's digital era, Bolo has amassed one of the richest musical catalogs in dancehall music. Since his recording debut in 1985 at the age of 15, the prolific singer and songwriter has consistently released imaginatively conscious Dancehall oriented reggae steeped in the Rasta based roots tradition. During his formative years, Bolo linked up with some of Reggae's most influential artist/produces such as Sugar Minott, Augustus Pablo, Tappa Zukie and Winston "Niney" Holness. He proved to be a perceptive apprentice – Bolo now has his own production company, Yam Euphony. Even more meaningful for music addicts Bolo infallibly upholds the heritage of his mentors with a seemingly nonstop flow of equality singles and albums. Originally nicknamed for his hearty appetite, Bolo is now nouishing Reggae lovers with his enriching musical food for thought.

   Born Rolando Ephraim McLean on October 1, 1970, Bolo grew up in Kingston 13 with his two brothers and two sisters. Raised by his grandmother, the McLean children were surrounded by music. Young Rolando in particular expressed an early interest in singing and playing.

  "I was born in Kingston 13 along Spanish town Road area where my grandmother used to send us to worship at de Philadelphia Church in Greenwhich Farm Town. So, really de whole of my family 'ave music in dem, but I'm the only one who really pursue it as a professional career so far. From a early age, like from 9, 10, me and my sisters and my brother we used to like listen to foreign songs and write out de songs. I used to love write songs so de whole family loved doing dat. But den I started writing some original lyrics. So it's really a musical family still. My great grandma, who I used to stay wit', she used to play the piano for City Mission Church. When she died she left like a trumpet, a trombone and an accordion. So I think that is a next step that inspire me along de way to keep moving to higher goal y' know ."

  Adopting the nom de plume Yami Bolo, a nick name that his classmatesbestowed upon him because of his penchant for eating buns and fish tail. Bolo began to sing in front of audiences at church and school. His first major show took place at St. Andrews Technical High School when he was 13. His initial step into the professional arena occurred in the mid-80s when the teenage singer hooked up with Sugar Minott's Youth Promotion sound system. Much of Bolo's time with Minott was spent perfecting his showmanship as a stage performer, but he did garner valuable studio experience with recording specials for Youth Promotion. Also during this period Bolo developed a friendship with Minott's crony Junior "Jux" Delgado who generously shared the wisdom of his experiences with the burgeoning star. In addition to Youth Promotion, Bolo worked with Stur-Mas and Third World sounds along men like Super Cat and Nicodemus. Bolo looks back on the early days inna dance with fondness.

  "We start out in de church den into de schools and den into de dance halls where we used de sound system 'cause at dat time de sound system was our only transport. Den de stage shows. So de dancehall was really de instrument or de vehicle that JAH used to channel Yami to the four corners of Jamaica and den to channel us to Europe in England where we did a few gigs. So I give thanks to de sound system 'ca it's a vehicle for taking the music all out in de world."

  Bolo's first single, "When A Man's In Love" was released in 1985 on the Techniques label when he was just 15. Produced by Winston Riley, the song Rode the Stalag rhythm which he had just made a big comeback thanks to Tenor Saw's "Ring The Alarm." More impressive was the next single released the following year. "JAH Made Them All," another Riley production. With a powerful, yet not fully developed, teenage voice, Bolo sings,"Who Made The Mountains, Who Made The Seas......Only JAH JAH." Later in the pieces he does a bit of boasting with "who made lickle Yami, the champion MC....." and flexes his toasting skills with some "ska-da-ding-ding-dong."

  Bolo's earlier acquaintances with Delgado resumed in 1989 when the veteran vocalist produced Bolo's debut album, "Ransom" (Greensleeves/Shanachie) a fine effort featuring Bolo's expressive singing over heavy rhythms played on a mix of both digital and live instruments. The album contains the classic "Ransom Of A Man's Live" and the infectious disco reggae debut between Bolo and Delgado called "Star Time-Fun Time." The project was very much under the auspices of Delgado longtime collaborator Augustus Pablo. Bolo became part of Pablo's Rocker's crew, and in the process of working with the influential melodically player/keyboardist/producer, learned much about the technical aspects off music making, principally the art of arranging. He also recorded important Pablo produced songs such as "Poor Man Cry" and a dramatic rendition of Burning Spear's "Door Peep"with Ruffy & Tuffy. The early '90s saw Bolo recording now classic material for Winston "Niney The Observer" Holness and Tappa Zukie. Bolo says he has learned invaluable lessons from his musical mentors.

  "We are blessed and we have to truly give thanks because we always have under de tutelage of de greats. 'Cause all of de man dem who we work wit, is great: Augustus Pablo, Jr. Delgado, Sugar Minott, Niney,Tappa Zukie and de list goes on. From learning from all these great soldiers I give thanks to dem 'ca dey also inspire us to make an' bring forth new horizons."

  Most observers agree, Bolo's first magnum opus was in 1992 Album "Up Life Street" (Heartbeat) produced by Trevor "Leggo Beast" Douglas. "Mama Cries," groove concentrated "Let Your Love Light Shine" and the forceful anti-Gulf War piece "Blood A Run." Up Live Street sealed Bolo's reputation as a thoughtful and proficient singer/songwriter. The previous year, Bolo teamed with legendary producer/artist Winston "Niney the Observer" Holness for the lightweight "He Who Knows It Feels It (Heartbeat)," a baker's dozen of mostly romantic songs ("Let Me Be Your Man," "Lady In Love," etc.,) and some great dance cuts ( Dancehall Music" and the excellent "Turbo Charge" ). More recently, Bolo put out the more solid "Fighting For Peace" (RAS) CD, a set of tracks produce buy Leggo and Bolo himself such as the heavy black Uhuru-ish "Glock War, Gun War" and the catchy "I Don't Know Why." The great Tappa Zukie helmed Bolos '96 album "Born Again" (RAS) which had "Dominion," The singer's version of the "Putting Up Resistance" rhythm, and the spiritual Abyssinians song "Love JAH Today." His latest, "Wonders And Sign (Super Power), has another satisfying anti-gun anthem, "Youth Man" alternately known as "Hot Steppin," The Bobby Digital produced "Youth Man" retell the classic story of a country boy gone bad bwoy over a wicked drum and bass line. Bolo also add to the countless number of songs built on the "Real Rock" rhythm with his enjoyable take on Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely." Bolo's music has always been about righteousness. He says no matter which way certain trends may take the music, he'll always be a roots man.

  "In the early essence of de music what really stands out is the roots of de music because it's like a tree, you have de leaf, you 'ave de branch, de stem. But without de roots that tree cannot be sustained or even 'ave anymore life. So, we already know dese many changes would come into de business, dis business of music. Once dere is the business of music den de music will become exploited and sometimes you lose de direction of it's true course. But with de roots off de music, and de roots people keeping dat fire burnin' den it will never lose dat a true cost of direction. So I stick wit' de roots.

  Some of Bolos most purely emotional records have been unadorned Nyabinghi shots like "Rough In The Ghetto" (Roof International 7-inches), and uplifting hymn featuring some African influenced guitar work and the lines "Poor people living in pollution, righteousness is a lasting foundation." Another grounation type song is "No Justice" (Buffalo 7-inch), A soulful ballad lamenting the injustices and corruption plaguing some African nations. Bolo also participated in the monumental Sky High and Mau Mau album Marcus Garvey chant (RAS) which intersperses heavy Nyabinghi-tinged percussion in the mix and fascinating excerpts from speeches by Marcus Garvey himself. Bolo's heartical, wailing voice is heard on the title track and on "Marcus Link With Selassie," both on the "Drum Song" rhythm. Nyabinghi is the root of all of my music is based on de Nyabinghi feel. Sometimes you might not hear it but it's the same Nyabinghi. De same one two feelin' which really affects de heart. And it's really de heart we want to affect. Ultimately we reach de mind of de people and free dem.

  Although he's no stranger to cover tunes (Bolo has reggae-ized a number of pop tunes as diverse as "Nature Boy," Memories," "So Softly Love- The Godfather Theme" and "Happy Sings The Blues" ), as a songwriter Bolo ranks with some of reggae's best. Tunes like "Be Still Babylon," "Officials Are Like Locust," and" Traitors & Vampires" exhibit a fertile wit' and sincere conviction. Bolo approaches composing as a mystical process and co-operative effort.

  "De things dat 'appens around us is an inspiration. Likewise the natural Mystic that flows from the MostHigh will write about other things to which will 'append. It works many different ways. First and foremost I write my lyrics most of the times, put them on a cassette and sometimes I would carry themto the studio and say play dis. Sometimes we would just jam and feel free, every man create him on ting an' next time de promoter or de producer 'ave his own riddim and I write the lyrics for that riddim. So it works vice a versa. It's all about collaboration working an' accepting other people's ability to create. 'Ca it's all about giving an' sharing an' loving.

  One of the biggest hits of Bolo's career was 1997's "put Down The Weapon" (Fat Eyes 7-inch), a combination record with Capleton on the "Afrikaan Beat" rhythm. The songs conscious message reverberated in Dancehall around the world, enjoyed long chart success and earned a spot on VPs Celebrated annual various artists collection Reggae Gold 1997. Now a father with three young sons Bolo's songs of peace amongst the youth, such as "Put Down The Weapon," take on a particular significance. As he looks to the future, Bolo intends to stay on the part of righteousness. One of his most recent songs, "Clean Up Your Front Yard" from the Born Again album, succinctly expresses his outlook on life.

  "What de song is really saying, it's a mental song. A moral revolution telling de world to clean up dere front yard. Everyone. We are not pointing fingers at one set of people but we are speaking to de wholehumanity. Clean up their front yards 'cause King Selassi I is comin'. Dat's not no joke. De world know- 'ave history an de time, de accuracy go his judgment which will fulfill Dat is not a fantasy. Good over evil and righteousness will live forever 'cause corruption can never rule earth.



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1. Ecrire Pour
2. Love Jah Everyday
3. Richard Corry
4. Buss Off Head
5. War And Guns
6. Put Down Your Weapons
7. Curly Locks
8. Rasrafari Is Life
9. Do Good
10. Jah Jah Loving
11. Culture Taking Over
12. True Love
13. Puppet Master
14. Willow Tree
15. Run For

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Ilights / CD 2005


1. Empress I Love You
2. Pray
3. Good Must Conquer Evil
4. Sanctify Yourself
5. Ethiopia
6. Liberation
7. Talk 'Bout Slavery
8. Accident
9. Do No Evil
10. Hail The Conquering Lion
11. Crownation Glory
12. Safeguard
13. Y Mas Gan
14. Binghi

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Zion High Productions / CD 2003 US

Forces of Nature Volume Two

1. Righteousness - Jah Mali
2. Brimstone And Fire - Jah Mali
3. Jah Is The Solution
4. Jah Is The Solution
5. Super Market - Jah Mali
6. Every Man's Burden - Jah Mali
7. Wept Not
8. Pick & Choose - Yami Bolo ft. Cutty Ranks
9. Never Let A Good Thing Go - Jah Mali
10. Heart Full Of Love
11. What Going On - Jah Mali

Brickwall Records / CD 2002 US Jah Mali And Yami Bolo

4 Rebels

1. Blessing - Luciano
2. Moving Out Ah Babylon - Luciano
3. Black Man King - Luciano
4. More Love - Anthony B
5. My Story - Anthony B ft. Robert French
6. Conquerer
7. Cool It Down
8. Hotta Fire
9. Thou Shall Not Kill - Sizzla
10. Legendary - Sizzla
12. Have Your Own - Sizzla

VP Records / VINYL LP 2001 US

Healing of All Nations

1. Haile Selassie (Disco Mix)
2. We Need Love
3. We Need Version
4. Jah Is Holy
5. King David
6. African People
7. World Peace
8. Healing OF All Nations
9. Secret Babylon
10. Trigga Happy Kid
11. Trigga Happy Version
12. Jah Is My Shepherd
13. Shepherd's Version
14. Mystery Babylon
15. Gidion Getting Hotter

Roots Foundation / DBL VINYL LP 2001 US


1. Joanna
2. Warmonger
3. Show Me
4. Call Me
5. African Woman
6. Star Of Love
7. Mind Games
8. Maximum Freedom
9. Spread Jah Love
10. Mr. Big And In Crime

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Jet Star Records / CD 2000 UK

Freedom And Liberation

1. Love My Woman
2. Becuse I Am Black
3. Curley Locks
4. Trample
5. When A Man Is In Love
6. The Man Who Loves You
7. Rise Up
8. My Lover
9. Freedom And Liberation
10. Pretty Baby
11. Boogie On Reggae Woman - Yami Bolo ft. Robbie
12. Worldwide Corruption

Tabou 1 Records / CD 1999 UK Yami Bolo & Sly & Robbie

  Jah Love

1. Put Down The Weapon
2. More Than Gold
3. Traitors & Vampires
4. Curly Locks
5. Non Stop Loving
6. Gun War
7. Jah Love
8. Do Good
9. What's Going On
10. Buss Off Head
11. Puppet Master
12. We Better Unite
13. Highway Robbery

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VP Records / LP CD 1998 US

No Surrender / Say A Prayer

1. Say A Prayer
2. What Have I Done
3. Black Slave
4. His Majesty
5. Jah World Order
6. No More Dividing
7. Bloodshed
8. No Surrender
9. Children On The Streets
10. You Got To Be Loved
11. Equal Rights
12. We Better Unite

Jet Star Records / Record Factory / I.M.A.J. / LP CD 1998 UK Say A Prayer (1999)

Wonders And Sign / Widsom Cry

1. Wonders And Sign
2. I Love Jah So
3. Wisdom Cry
4. Guiding Light
5. Horizon
6. Crazy
7. Isn't She Lovely
8. This Is The Way
9. Jah Love Is The Solution
10. Weep Not
11. Lady In Love

Super Power / T.P. Records / LP 1997 CD 2000 US Wisdom Cry (1998)

Born Again

1. Trample The Dragon
2. Warmonger
3. Clean Up Your Front Yard
4. Born Again
5. Be On Good Terms
6. Jah Is Ruff
7. Happy Sings The Blues
8. Love Jah Today
9. Talk About Drugs
10. Domination

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RAS Records Inc. / CS CD 1996 US

Star Of Love

1. Show Me
2. Call Me
3. Joanna
4. African Woman
5. Warmonger
6. Jah Jah Love
7. Maximum Greed
8. Mr. Big In Crime
9. Star Of Love
10. Mind Games

VP Records / VINYL LP 1995 US

Rebel Sold  

1. People Of South America
2. The Whole World Fighting For Peace
3. Officials Are Like Locust
4. Singing Up Life Street
5. I Don't Know Why
6. Glock War, Gun War
7. Music Make Me Groove
8. In Love With A Rasta Man
9. Nature Boy
10. Never Stopping
11. So Softly Love
12. Jah Jah Give Me Love

Mercury / CD 1995 JPN

Love Is Dangerous

1. Love Is Dangerous
2. 神様の宝石でできた島 - Miya
3. Just Say I Do
4. Life Line
5. Love Is Dangerous (Remix)
6. Just Say I Do (Remix Version)
7. 神様の宝石でできた島 (Remix)

Sony / CD 1994 JPN

Fighting For Peace

1. People Of South America
2. The Whole World Fighting For Peace
3. Officials Are Like Locust
4. Singing Up Life Street
5. I Don't Know Why
6. Glock War, Gun War
7. Music Make Me Groove
8. In Love With A Rasta Man
9. Nature Boy
10. Never Stopping
11. So Softly Love
12. Jah Jah Give Me Love

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Real Authentic Sound / Dreadbeat / CD 1994 US|GER

Yami & Lloyd Hemmings

1. Struggle In Babylon
2. Dub
3. Jah Is Gonna Break It Up
4. Falling Babylong Dub
5. Bowl Must Full
6. Poor Man Problem
7. Africa For Africans
8. Fight This War - Lloyd Hemmings
9. Fret Not Thyself - Lloyd Hemmings
10. Who Rule - Lloyd Hemmings
11. Haile Selassie I (Forever Dub) - Lloyd Hemmings
12. Straight Up - Lloyd Hemmings
13. It Is Because I Am Black - Lloyd Hemmings


Cool And Easy

1. Joe The Boss
2. Be Still Babylon
3. I'm A Survivor
4. History Here I Am
5. La Isla Bonita
6. Just Us Two
7. Girl With Brains
8. Love Me Tonight
9. Just Us Two
10. Cool And Easy

Tappa Records / VINYL 1993 JAM

Up Life Street  

1. Blood A Run
2. Iniquity Worker
3. Greedium
4. Pretty Looks
5. Mama Cries
6. Life Is A Song Worth Singing
7. Let Your Love Light Shine
8. Jah Jah Loving
9. Pretty Black Eye Girl
10. Time Heals All Broken Hearts

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>Heartbeat Records / Leggo Records / VINYL LP CD 1991 US|JAM

Who Knows it Feels it 

1. King's Birthday
2. Who Knows It, Feels It
3. Get Up And Dance
4. Let Me Be Your Man
5. You Are My Lady
6. Dance Hall Music
7. Lady In Love
8. Turbo Charge
9. Your Love Is Amazing
10. Twilight Time
11. Timing Is Right
12. If You Love Me
13. Get Up And Dance (Mix)
14. Get Up And Dance (Album)

Heartbeat Records / Observer / LP CD 1991 US|JAM

  Jah Made Them All  

1. Jah Made Them All
2. Big Yard Dub
3. Reggae Ambassador
4. Zion Mall Man Dub
5. Haughty Eye
6. Two Mile Dub
7. Poverty and Brutality
8. Poverty Dub
9. Tell Me Why Is This Fussing and Fighting
10. Kidd Lane Special

Greensleeves Records / Rockers / LP 1989-1990 UK|JAM


1. The Ransom Of A Man's Life
2. She Loves Me So
3. Take Time To Know
4. World Of Confusion
5. What Make The World Taste Good
6. Jah Is Life
7. Definitely Not
8. Star Time - Fun Time
9. Memories
10. One Has To Be Real Strong

Greensleeves Records / Shanachie / LP CD 1989-1990 US|UK


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